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Wood Scuplture

Taking inspiration from geometric shapes and how they work together, the "Circles and Squares" collection was developed, the project started during my final year at University and has continued to develope. Sometimes I have  a plan and sometimes I don't, sometimes I change my mind as work on a piece of and I see how the grain looks once the first cuts have been made and the grain has been revealed.

Wood Sculpture 2

The majority of the wood sculpture is made from Ash, using the lathe I work work with the grain to produce the circles and texture to the surface of the wood. Further textures come from a wire brush and sanding giving the rough and smooth surfaces. The final texture comes from the addition of handmade merino felt that breaks into the circles and squares. My overall aim being to create a desire to touch and feel the contrasts between the surfaces and materials.

 Wood Sculpture 3