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I make a range of contemporary handbags using wood and handmade felt. The frames are made from laminated birch plywood shaped in a vacumm press and finished in Osmo oil to protect it, the felt bag is made from handmade merino felt. The felt bags are attached to the wooden frams with chicago screws.

Conf bag blue

Conference Bag - Natural frame with Blue Bag 

The felt  for the Conference Bag is made around a template to make a seamless bag, shaped around a mould to give a sharp edge, the top egde is folded to encase heavy duty elastic and hand stitched.

Some frames are dyed with a water based wood dye, sealed with a melamine lacquer before finishing with Osmo oil

conf bk & bk

Conference Bag  - Black frame with Dark Grey Bag

Swiss bag 1

 Swiss Bag - Natural frame with Green Grey Bag

The circles on the  Swiss bag are never the same design making each bag slightly different, the felt for the Swiss Bag is a flat piece of felt, cut and stitched.

orbital bag

Orbital Bag- Dyed Black Wood with Black felt and woven felt sides

The wood for the Orbital bag is turned on the lathe and repostioned to make the second cicle for the handle, the base is moulded, the bag is made from flat felt cut and stitched.

I am working on a range of bags using a spun woven and felted fabric, more images to follow.