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Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition

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hillarys blog 23

I finished my bag for the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition about 10 days ago but like an essay its takes a deadline for me to sit down and write about it.

So I had a look on Pinterest to help decide on the style of bag I wanted to make, chose a cross the body message bag style of bag. I am already working on a similar bag style with my fabric and thought this would help with some of the design ideas.

A few sketches and a couple of patterns later I came up with a design I liked.

Not wanting to make a mistake with the Hillarys Blinds fabric I made a toile up first, decided what I liked and didn’t like and then remade the pattern.

 hillarys bag 9 hillarys bag 10

I cut the three main pieces next to each other so the pattern of the fabric flowed around the bag.

hillarys bag (2) 

Made up the two outside pockets first, a little one on the front for my a ticket/pass something you want to get to quickly.

hillarys blog 4

and a pocket on the back with a zip to allow it to be a bit bigger if needs be.

hillarys blog 9hillarys blog 2

Stitched the back and front together , inserting the loops and D rings.

hillarys blog 6 

A small piece of leather was glued to the inside of the tab to protect against wear.

hillarys blog 21

To add some shape the bag I  stitched across the side seams to form a base. Folding the bag from the point of the base to the below the D Ring and ironed the fabric and then topped stitched. Repeated on  the remaining three corners to give further shape to the bag.

hillary blog 12

I made a lining, shaping it in the same way.

hillarys blog 14

Then stitched the two together leaving a hole to turn through in the base, turned inside out and hand stiched the hole. Made a base which I stitched in give shape and a firm base.

hillarys blog 13 

Little trick I was told recently, will this style of bag made the side thats going to be the under flap a fraction smaller so when its folded over you cannot see the lining fabric

hillarys blog15

hillarys blog 18

Clicked on a leather strap to the D rings.

 hillarys blog 3 hillarys blog 10

                     The Finished Bag

hillarys blog 30

hillarys blog 31

hillarys blog 33

hillarys blog 26

hillarys blog 23


 Thanks Hillarys Blinds  for a great piece of fabric



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